Super Metroid (1994) - Ridley's Theme

by ConSoul

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The composer of Super Metroid, Kenji Yamamoto, came up with some of the games' themes by humming them to himself while riding his motorcycle to work.

to hear the original (second theme):

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You'll locate Ridley hiding away at the rear section of Ceres. You'll see the hatchling sitting on the floor just before Ridley appears from the shadows. He'll begin to fly around the screen performing one of several attacks, including spitting fireballs that spread out once they strike the walls or floor. He'll also fly about lashing his tail around, try to stay clear as he hovers around.

Whenever he spits out the fireballs, jump up above them and stay clear of the ground or wall when they strike, as the fire will spread out. The battle can end in one of two ways, if you shoot Ridley enough that he becomes a heavy red colour, he'll fly up above the screen before swooping down and fly into the screen and away with the hatchling. If you take too much damage and your health drops below 29 he'll automatically leave. Once Ridley escapes you'll have only 1 minute to escape from the space colony before it completely rips itself apart


released August 27, 2016
Brass: Danny Flam
Drums: Gal Gershovsky



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ConSoul New York, New York

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